my darker side
"I believe humanity was born from conflict. Maybe that’s why in all of us lives a dark side. Some of us embrace it. Some have no choice. The rest of us fight it. And in the end, it’s as natural as the air we breathe. Some point, we’re forced to face the truth ourselves"
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Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)
Natasha Romanoff + Arrow Necklace

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”The state is currently spending five times more for the education for a white child than it is fitting to educate a colored child. That means better textbooks for that child than for that child. I say that’s a shame, but my opponent says today is not the day for whites and coloreds to go to the same college. To share the same campus. To walk into the same classroom. Well, would you kindly tell me when that day is gonna come? Is it going to come tomorrow? Is it going to come next week? In a hundred years? Never? No, the time for justice, the time for freedom, and the time for equality is always, is always right now!”

The conviction in her voice still gives me chills. Jurnee is such a phenomenal actress. It’s sad we don’t get to see more of her gift…

Jurnee is easily one of the greatest actresses in the industry.

She is brilliant and the message is still relevant

Jurnee still gives me chills during this scene

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Tamsin ConFaegion


Howlin’ For You - The Black Keys

I must admit
I can’t explain
Any of these thoughts
Racing through my brain
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